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 +====== AT&T Blocking All Incoming E-Mail ======
 +<​pre>​Return-Path:​ &​lt;​rm-antiattspam@ems.att.com&​gt;​
 +Message-ID: &​lt;​3F80414B002D0EC2@attrh0i.attrh.att.com&​gt;​ (added by
 +Content-Disposition:​ inline
 +Content-Transfer-Encoding:​ binary
 +Content-Type:​ text/plain
 +MIME-Version:​ 1.0
 +X-Mailer: MIME::Lite 2.102 (B2.12; Q2.03)
 +Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 20:21:50 UT
 +Subject: *** ACTION: IP Address of Outbound SMTP Server Requested (Updated 10/21/03)
 +From: rm-antiattspam@ems.att.com
 +AT&​amp;​T Business Partners &amp; Customers
 +AT&​amp;​T has received many of the requested IP addresses in response to an
 +e-mail originally broadcast yesterday to our business partners and
 +clients. However, we have also received many concerned responses to
 +the original request.
 +This 2nd e-mail is to let you know that this is a legitimate AT&​amp;​T
 +request asking for your cooperation,​ which will let us improve the
 +service that AT&​amp;​T offers you and that our partnership requires. We
 +have provided a toll-free number below to help you confirm the
 +legitimacy of this request.
 +We have assembled the distribution list for this e-mail by looking up
 +the administrative contacts for each of the known e-mail domains we
 +currently exchange e-mail with, referencing WHOIS and other such
 +services available via the Internet.
 +What AT&​amp;​T is asking is for you to help AT&​amp;​T to restrict incoming mail
 +to just our known and trusted sources (e.g., business partners, clients
 +and customers). Therefore, we need to know which IP address(es) are
 +used by your outbound e-mail service so we can selectively permit them.
 +Please send this information to the following e-mail address
 +If you need assistance determining what these IP addresses are, please
 +contact your company'​s administrative e-mail server support / network
 +administration personnel. We regret that AT&​amp;​T is burdening you with
 +this request, but our AT&​amp;​T security team is advising that we take this
 +step to help safeguard our e-mail systems, which ultimately will help
 +us serve you better.
 +Please contact us with any concerns or questions:
 +AT&​amp;​T Security Help Desk 1-800-456-4230,​ prompt 4 (8am - 10pm est)
 +Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We appreciate your
 +Brian Williams, IP Network Services
 +Tim Scholl - District Manager, IP Network Services
 +Kevin O'​Connell - Division Manager, Information Technology Services
 +Bill O'Hern - Division Manager, Network Security
 +----- Original Message (Sent Monday, 10/20/03) -----
 +AT&​amp;​T has an urgent situation with our anti-spam list. In order to
 +continue to allow email to AT&​amp;​T you need to provide the IP addresses of
 +all your outbound email gateways. If you do not respond immediately,​
 +your access may not continue. The required information should be sent
 +to rm-antiattspam@ems.att.com.
 +----- End forwarded message -----
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