SpamAssassin Rules

The SOSDG and AHBL publish custom rule files for use in SpamAssassin. These rules are free of charge that anyone can use, but please contact us when you do use them so we can gauge popularity. Users who excessively download rules may be banned from accessing the download sites.

Access The Rules


You can run the following command to download and import our SpamAssassin rules:

/usr/bin/sa-update –allowplugins –channel –nogpg

The rules will then (usually) be imported into /var/lib/spamassassin, where your system will begin using them. We recommend updating once per day, which you can do using crontab.

Download From The Website

The rules are available for viewing and download at:

Please do not update from this URL, as it is a waste of resources if the files have not changed. Please use sa-update instead.

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