Current Version: 0.4

License: GPLv2

A simple PHP4/5 script that allows you to control your X10 based home network devices.

In it's current form, the script can do basic functions such as change House Codes. and turn on and off devices. You can also define in the PHP file an array to label devices for easy reference.

This script is based on ideas gleaned from PHP-x10. however it is NOT based on the PHP-x10 code. It is completely written from scratch. The script requires a recent version of BottleRocket to do it's magic, plus a PHP enabled web server (I tested only with Apache 2).

Please feel free to submit bug fixes, code improvements, or suggestions!

Warning: This is alpha code. Use it as your own risk! Although I use this at my own home, this does not mean I can guarantee it will work for your own setup!


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